Food at the Fair (UPDATED 8/20)

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Martha's Vineyard Food Guy

Ventured over to the WEST TISBURY AGRICULTURAL FAIR this fine Friday afternoon.   First time I have been in a few years.   My opionion – fun, but has gone a little downhill the last few years. Seems like last time I went there were more food options and the food was better.

We started off with the MV Touchdown Club’s Vegetable Tempura.  Has been a favorite of mine in the past.   Not this year.   Just lacked the flavor this time.   Couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but pretty bland.

After the Tempura disappointed we hopped over the Ben DeForest’s Red Cat booth.   Ben is a friend of mine and I have always been fan of his cooking.    He has cooked me some of the best food I have had in my entire life.    I grabbed a beef skewer from his booth.  …

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