Food at the Fair (UPDATED 8/20)

Ventured over to the WEST TISBURY AGRICULTURAL FAIR this fine Friday afternoon.   First time I have been in a few years.   My opionion – fun, but has gone a little downhill the last few years. Seems like last time I went there were more food options and the food was better.

Vegatable Tempura

We started off with the MV Touchdown Club’s Vegetable Tempura.  Has been a favorite of mine in the past.   Not this year.   Just lacked the flavor this time.   Couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but pretty bland.

After the Tempura disappointed we hopped over the Ben DeForest’s Red Cat booth.   Ben is a friend of mine and I have always been fan of his cooking.    He has cooked me some of the best food I have had in my entire life.    I grabbed a beef skewer from his booth.   I’m sorry to say I was not impressed.   Ten bucks and the meat was dry and just kind of plain.  The vegetables on the skewer were so over cooked I couldn’t tell what they were.   No way Ben cooked this.

After the crappy veggies and beef I grabbed a nice sweet corn from the Morning Glory booth.   $4.00 a little expensive for an ear but it was fresh and very good.

Fried Twinkie

The last thing I got was definitely the best.   And the best GUY food.  A Fried Twinkie.   Thing was money.  A little chocolate sauce and whipped cream on it to top off this million calorie treat.   My girl didn’t like it, so you know what that means.  More for me.   I had the whole thing and no doubt could have stuffed three more down.   $4.50 It was the best food deal I thought.

The biggest RIP OFF of the fair award goes to some clowns selling Root Beer Floats at the first booth when you go into the food area.   My girl got one for $7.00.   7 bucks ! A and W root beer from a 2 liter bottle pured into a red solo cup with a scoop of ice cream.    I hope some of these proceeds are going to a good cause because $7.00 for a half a cup of rootbeer and a scoop of vanilla ice cream is insanely ridiculous.

The fair itself was pretty cool.   Purchased the rooster poster.   I like how he looks pissed off in it.   Think the artist did a nice job.   Looking at the animals were cool and watched a little of the horse show.   Don’t expect much on the food front though.

08/20/12 UPDATE

Stopped by the fair again yesterday and gave the food another try.   Bad move.   DON’T GO TO THE FAIR LOOKING FOR GOOD FOOD.   Got the Pulled Pork from a place called Local Smoke. They advertised it as the best Pulled Pork you will ever eat.   Not even close.   I mean it wasn’t spit out bad, but i had no damn flavor.   Bland and the bun was way too big.   The ratio of pork to bun was horrendous.    Reminded me of the where’s the beef commercials from Wendy’s I used to see when I was a kid.   Wanted to say Where’s the pork ???    After this I got a Strawberry Short cake from a wonderful older woman who was selling them for five dollars.   Good.   Homemade biscuits and what tasted like fresh strawberries with a squirt of whipped cream on top.   Nothing that will blow your socks off but definitely good.

I think next year when I venture to the fair I’m going to get three ears of corn and a strawberry short cake and call it a day.


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