Food for Guys

What do us guys do when we get together ??? We love to chow down. I come home, call my buddy, what are you doing tonight ? You wanna hit Barretts, you wanna try the new place or go with an old faithful ?? At least that’s what me and by boys love to do anyways. Whether it’s grabbing sushi from the LOOKOUT or going on a road trip to Providence and grabbing a succulent steak from RUTH CHRIS I love to feed my face with my pals. Now enter the problem. How many times are you saying they charged me $45 dollars for a piece of salmon that a rabbit could have eating in two minutes. Are you kidding me. I waited a half hour for clam chowder. You gotta be kidding me.

I go out to eat a lot. Wayyyy too much. But I enjoy it. So I decided to start blogging about it. I’m not a great cook myself but I also hate getting F’d in one of these restaurants just because you can see the water.

Follow if you are a guy and you like food. Will keep it short and fun.



4 thoughts on “Food for Guys

  1. Not bad but the Plane View has the best pancakes on the island and no parking problems. What ever happened to the GUY that used to grill all the time.

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