Linda Jeans Breakfast

I’ve always been a big fan of having a good, hardy guys breakfast. On the Vineyard sometimes that can be a struggle. I won’t even attempt it on a weekend in the summer because these places are just too jam packed. You can go to the Artcliff at 10 am and expect to get seated around noon time. No thanks. Hence Linda Jeans fills void because it has good food, reasonable prices and not an unbearable wait time.

Grabbed a seat by the window with my bud this morning with a minimal wait. I made sure I faced the window in case we got a few morning bikinis walking by going to the beach. Something about the Vineyard and the summer time these broads will walk around with almost nothing on. Time to order and we both went for the same thing. Blueberry Pancakes with Maine Blueberries. $9.99 for four big ones. Pancakes are so damn filling when the friendly waitress asked if we wanted a full order or a half I had to get the half. I love pancakes but four monsters will just sit in your stomach all god damn day and I knew it would be four o’clock until I felt like getting off the couch after four of em. We both agreed pancakes were cooked fine and delicous. I had to grab some fresh maple syrup which there is a couple dollar upcharge for but I think it’s worth it. One order of sausage patties, one order of links, an Ice coffee and coffee, we got out of there for twenty bucks plus tip.

Thumbs up on Linda Jeans. It’s nothing fancy, its nothing over the top. But its good food at a reasonable price on MARTHA’S VINEYARD which is not that easy to find.


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