Jimmy Seas – GARLIC Blast

Linguine Vongole

You ever go out to eat and you seem to always go to the same places. The go-to places. My buddy called me up last week to go to dinner. On the way we were brainstorming saying we kind of wanted something different. We came up with some place I don’t go to that often – Jimmy Seas. Jimmy Seas is tucked away on Kenebeck Ave across from the Oak Bluffs Post Office. Now Jimmy Seas doesn’t really look like a “guys” place from the outside. It’s a quaint little building with not too much room inside. There is one reason I will coin this place a guy place – the portions. You won’t leave this place hungry. You can’t. The portions are enourmous.

They start you off with Bread and GARLIC and oil. When I say garlic and oil take a look at the picture. That garlic is no joke. The bread was good and you just can’t help yourself but to spread some of that garlic on there.

Kind of funny there is a split charge on the menu of ten dollars. The Brazilians next to us were arguing with the Polish waitress (who was very nice) about the split charge. Jimmy kind of brings this on himself I think. He gives you so much, it’s almost impossible to eat it in one sitting. If he didn’t give you so much no one would worry about splitting it. Kind of a catch 22 there.

The dinner came with salad for both of us which was decent. The house dressing was good. There were way too many green peppers in it and not enough lettuce though. Not sure if they were running low on lettuce that night or that’s how they always serve it. We grabbed a couple of bud lights and on to the main course. I got Linguine Vongole. Something I can never pronounce, but usually can’t go wrong. My plate with loaded with little necks which brought a smile to my face. They were quite tasty. The linguine was good but the dish was very salty and of course loaded with garlic. My buddy got the Fettuccini Julliet as he is not a seafood guy. He liked it. Pleanty of food on both our plates. We

Fettuccini Julliet

both had some to bring home for lunch the next day too. My meal was $31 dollars. It came with bread and a salad. A lot of people say Jimmy Sea’s if overpriced. We got out of there with one beer each for around $80. $100 with tip. To me, on Martha’s Vineyard that isn’t overpriced. Especially when you consider it comes with a salad and that monster thing of garlic they give you with the bread. Plus you have enough for the next day.

My honest opinion of Jimmy Seas. It’s a once a year place for me. I think that’s enough. Garlic is good, but this place is overkill. Nice place to go once in a great while.



2 thoughts on “Jimmy Seas – GARLIC Blast

  1. I went here two years ago, but missed out on it last year. Then I almost went here the other night, but the wait was too long. I’m going to try again before I leave.

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