La Choza Burritos Kicks it up a notch

On Day one of the NFL Season what better guy meal is there to mow down then a La Choza Burrito. La Choza opened not too long ago and has become one of my goto take out places. I love the fact this place does one thing – burritos. If you do only do one thing you have to be good at it. Guess what, La Choza is good at it, real good. It’s simple, always fresh and there enough options to choose from that everyone can enjoy it. La Choza is located right on the corner of State Road and Main Street in Vineyard Haven. Great location for exposure. Now I was ready to say my number one con of the place – parking, until I just checked the website. ( He says you can park next door in Brickman’s lot. Finding a spot on Main Street Vineyard Haven isn’t easy in January never mind Early September. Everyone always parked in Brickman’s lot anyways. Nice to know that you can. My only suggestion would to throw a sign up somewhere to let people know.

La Choza

The place is little and basic. No tables, take out only. Fine, you know what you are getting into. He’s got some cool license plates in there for decor. Everytime I go in the workers greet me with a hello and thank me when I leave. A huge plus. I don’t want my ass kissed but I do want to feel that they appreciate my business. The menu consists of Portobello, Beef, Chicken, and Chorizo Burritos. You can pretty much ad every side you can think of to a burrito from lettuce to guacamole. There is a small charge for everything except the lettuce. Everything is very reasonable especially for the Vineyard. The most expensive addition is the guacamole and the special corn and chipolte salsa at a whopping .75 cents. The burritos are six bucks plus the additions. One of the cool features is the hot sauce feature. He asks how hot do you want it asks for a number from 1 to 10. You say and remember your number so in case next time you want kick it up a notch or tune it down. I usually go with the Chorizo which is a slightly spicy Mexican Sausage and hot sauce number 4. If I get the beef I will kick it up to number 6.

Burrito “in a bowl”

Tonight I opted for the burrito in a bowl. Another nice option at La Choza. For two bucks more you can get your burrito in a bowl with tortilla chips. Much less messy for me and I prefer to actually see what I’m putting in my mouth. (just in case they accidentally throw an onion in there) I eat it with a fork and ration just the right amount of burrito on each chip. I almost always get the bowl. Just my preference. My mouth still tastes the flavor. Now let’s get started with this NFL season fellas !

La Choza’s Website



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