The Slice of Life – Unleash your inner hippie

The “Slice” as most call it is a hippie restaurant located on Circuit Ave in Oak Bluffs. This is one of my go to spots. There are a couple of things I can guarantee you about the place. One is that at least one of the waitresses will have a bandana on her head. Two is that none of the staff will be voting for Romney this November. Three they serve great food. The place is a little small so don’t go there thinking you are going to have a private conversation. Females would consider this place “cozy”.

Mac and Cheese

Went in for lunch one day last week. We were greeted by the hostess and sat with no wait. The place was marginally busy. It does get very busy for lunch in the summer. We had a waitress who at max was 14 years old. (no child labor laws on the island) She was very friendly and didn’t mess anything up. I was craving their burger. Has to be one of the top three on the island. The go to items I usually go for are the burger and the fried green tomato BLT. Two tasty menu items. The chowder here is great too. Many-a-times I’ve been with one of my boys and we will get the same thing. Cup of Chowder and a burger. Well, you know when you go somewhere craving something and something else on the menu just pops out at you? The home-made Mac and Cheese did exactly that. I was hesitant because I came for the burger but I knew it was going to be amazing. It delivered and then some.

The dish consisted of curly macaroni, roasted tomato and baby spinach. It wasn’t too big but mac and cheese is pretty filling so it doesn’t have to be. I’m glad I got it and a couple of days later can still taste it. It was great comfort food. Looking at the specials now they have included Lobster with this dish. Lobster Mac and Cheese because everything is better with Lobster.

Asian Salmon Salad

My girl got the usual Asian Salmon Salad. I tried the Salmon. It was tasty. I have made better at home though. She always gets this salad so it must be good. We split a side of fries. The fries here are good as well. They are cut thick and tasty.

All in all the slice of life gets the stamp of approval from the MV food guy. It’s a little on the pricey side. 37 bucks for lunch plus a tip to the 14-year-old. I think it’s worth the extra pennies for a great lunch.

Slice of Life Website


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