Do you Tip for Takeout ??

On a recent trip to a local restaurant I thought about this question. I usually use my debit card for takeout just because it’s so easy. The receipt always has a line for TIP __________ on it. I realize the person doesn’t put it there on purpose and it’s normally for the people dining in, but sometimes makes me feel cheap when I put a zero or just put a line through it. They are doing a little work getting the food and stuff. What do you think ??


6 thoughts on “Do you Tip for Takeout ??

  1. I usually put $2 if it’s take out and I ordered from a place that is mainly ‘sit down’. But if I’m just ordering a sub or something from a mainly carryout place I just throw the coins from my change in the jar.

  2. I always tip generously. I use to be a server, and now I am a hairstylist, so I know how it feels not to receive a tip. Tips are some people’s way of income. I also believe in Karma… (if I tip bad, I’ll get bad tips.) I also think if you eat frequently at your take out place and then tip bad… The employees will know you as the regular who doesn’t tip…

  3. If I order food (having it delivered) I give a euro or two. The bill already includes a tip regardless but I still give them something extra. 🙂

  4. Tip if you can afford it. Some of these places struggle to stay in business. So if you tip and it’s a family owned business and the money ends up going to the owner = it will help them stay in business. If the money goes to an employee making little $$$ per hour, even better. So the way I see it. If you got the $$$, throw a couple of bucks in the jar.

  5. My rule of thumb is 20% for any sit down and more for great meal and service. Take out I do as follows…coffee is loose change, Ice cream cone $1 and frappe $2, this definitely pays off every time you go back and anyone who scoops ice cream for a living, well, enough said…. bagel and coffee $1, take out sandwich for lunch $1 and any dinner take outs I do $2-$5 if I order from a bartender, especially if I order from there regularly, as they will remember you and make sure your order is right. I notice lately that I always leave the tip on the counter so they see that I left a tip instead of stuffing it in jar but honestly I get no reply from some people as if they just take it for granted that you tip or not. If there is a sign or notice that says college fund, I do not tip as this just means Beer Fund that Mom & Dad won’t finance!!

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