The Lookout Restaurant and MVFoodguy Wings

I owe credit where credit is due and I have to thank the owners of the Lookout Restaurant for trying out my wings on their menu this summer. At first the reviews were mixed but I after a few changes I think they have improved. Myself and the boys enjoyed a couple batches this past weekend. It’s not everyday when you walk in a restaurant and you have something on the menu. I am thankful and humbled by it. It has brought many people to my blog and I hope in the comments section below you can tell me what you think of them. Maybe the President will give them a shot in the next couple of weeks.


Lucky Lookout Patron enjoying mvfoodguy wings !

Click here for my original full blog post on the wings : MVFooodguy wings

The Lookout is a great place to go and have a nice meal, have a cold cocktail and kick back and watch the boats come in. It’s always packed and there is a reason for that. Click here for my Blog on the Lookout Restaurant : The Lookout Blog

Check out Boston Food Blogger, A food Odyssey’s review of the wings.   It’s a Wing Thing: Best Wings on Martha’s Vineyard


2 thoughts on “The Lookout Restaurant and MVFoodguy Wings

  1. The old Sarge had the wings the other night and they were just as good as the ones we had at Johnny Ds. My you should find a way to freeze them and sell them in stores for take home

  2. The MVfoofguy wings are terrific. They had the perfect amount of sauce and the wings were big with a lot of chicken. They are the Vineyard Vines of wings! These wings should be sold in stores

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