Enjoying Sushi at the Lookout

If you like Sushi the LOOKOUT is the place to go on Martha’s Vineyard. My boy and I hit it last night just before the craziness of the Oak Bluffs Fireworks. We had a nice seat by the window. If you haven’t been to the Lookout lately it has gone though some great changes. They added some tables and extended the deck, moved some stuff around and what a great feel this place has to it. I liked it before and now I’m borderline loving the new place. Anytime I have someone in town normally this is my go to place. Been living on the island 8 years, have eaten at the lookout probably over a hundred times and can remember one bad meal. I told them about it and they promptly brought me something else.

Blueberry Vodka and Soda

We sat near the window and the fireworks began during dinner and we had a great view of those. They don’t take reservations at this joint and it can get packed. My philosophy – there is a reason it’s packed. It’s good. The waitresses are always pleasant here. No frills, no extras, just genuinely nice. To open up the game I sucked down a blueberry vodka and soda. Another reason I like this place – they automatically put fresh blueberries in the drink. Money. Actually not even sure if they are fresh, but they taste fine. For sushi I almost always go with the Volcano Roll. Had to change it up a little and went with the MV Roll. Also nibbled on a little edamame to start with. Everything was fresh and just fine. My boy had a burger and fries. Half way through I asked him how it was and he said it was the best burger he had all summer. This cat lives on Nantucket, so he always gets porked with food too. High priced and now quality in the summer and no selection in the winter. He was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the burger at the lookout. Didn’t even know I was totally going to blog the shit out of his critique of the food either.

All in all it was a good night. Fireworks were good and the Lookout definitely is on my short list of restaurants I can always count on. Reasonable prices, good food, good crowd, good view, good portions and I never feel like I’m getting ripped off. Bottom line you want Sushi on the Vineyard go to the lookout. Oh yea, that reminds me of the sign outside of the Sandbar. Island best sushi. You gotta be kidding me. Not even close. Only place that is on the same level as far as sushi goes is The Net Result. Remember to tip the girls well. They are working hard running back and forth for you.

Volcano Roll (to go)



4 thoughts on “Enjoying Sushi at the Lookout

  1. Had some good sushi at Seasons back in April. Any idea if it was the sushi chefs from The Lookout or The Sandbar?

  2. I agree with D. Parent. The lookout is the place for Sushi on the Vineyard. the only problem I have with ” The lookout ” you can’t really have enjoy your meal in the summer if you don’t get a seat outside. When you have 98 degrees in the summer, it’s really hot inside the restaurant. You need that ocean breeze and the view as well. Sushi is GREAT, just ask for a seat outside.

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