Lindsey’s Family Restaurant in Wareham

Lazy Man’s Lobster

Thanks for reading my first OFF ISLAND restaurant review.    Lindsey’s is on Route 6 in Wareham prior to the Bourne Bridge.   A nice stop when you are going back to the boat and have an hour and a half to kill.    My boy and I headed off the island today to take a breather from island life.   On the way back we hit Lindsey’s.   We were definitely the youngest ones in there.   Place is like a meeting for AARP.   However, these older folks know how to eat.     Nothing was bad.   Everything was reasonably priced and good.    When I used to slam stripers in the cape cod canal I used to stop here on the way back for some clam cakes.   Not the best I ever had but very, very good.  (Flo’s in Portsmouth, RI has the best clam cakes)

Local SteamersWe started off with the local steamers.   Very very tasty.   They did have a little bit of sand in em, but they were so sweet that it didn’t matter.   Super fresh.    It was on the special menu so I hope they still have em when you go.     Second we got a cup of their “famous” seafood bisque.     Another good choice.    Too filling though, when I reflect on the dinner as a whole I should have skipped this part of the meal.    The waitress was very nice and brought us a loaf of bread the size of a football.   You just kind of break the pieces off.  Service was an A-.

For our main courses as you can see above we both grabbed the Lazy Man’s Lobster with the crabmeat stuffing.   The stuffing was good.   The lobster was succulent and flavorful.   I also ordered a corn on the cob as a side with my lobster which was one of the best corn on cob’s I have ever tasted.

All and all, good meal.   On the verge of great.    We got out of there for $60 each with tip.   Meal would have cost $120 each on the vineyard.   Sometimes it’s nice to get off island.


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