Planeview lives up to it’s name. Very Plain.

So my buddy typed me this morning to see if I wanted to go to the Art Cliff to grab a bite.   I never have any luck going to the Art Cliff because there are always either 30 people waiting outside to get in the place or the place is closed.   Guess what, we drive by today.  Place is closed.   One of these days I will get in there and review the place I promise.

After some bickering we decide to go to the Planeview Restaurant at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport.   I wanted Breakfast so I was pretty disappointed that they stopped serving breakfast at I think 11.   (They serve it until 2 on Sundays).   We had to settle for lunch.   Good things about the Planeview.    1.  Parking     2.   Parking    3.   Parking.

We walk in for lunch and some lady yells out how many guys?   I told her two and just like we were two sheep she pointed over at a table near the window for us.   Didn’t walk us over, but hey, it’s the Planeview not L’etoile.   The waitress was miserable.   Either she just didn’t want to be there or she had to many tables or both.   She wasn’t friendly and never came back to check on us after we got the food to see if we needed anything or if everything was ok.   Again, sometimes you get what you pay for.  We felt rushed and I could have told my best joke and she wouldn’t have cracked a smile.  Hey, everyone is entitled to a bad day I guess.   Looked like she had a lot of em.

Potato Skins

For an appetizer we started with the potato skins.   I think the picture speaks for itself.   Three lousy potato skins that looked like they were made by a six-year-old.    Too much cheese, not enough bacon, nothing good about these things.    And they give you three of them.   How about an even number so you can divy em up.   Is four too many??   $6.99 for that garbage.

After the skins I ordered an order of Fish and Chips.   Now Martha’s Vineyard is an island.   It’s in the middle of the water.   It’s August 28th.   Not January 5th.  Why on earth do restaurants on Martha’s Vineyard serve Frozen Fish and Chips.   The Fish and Chips were not terrible.   But they certainly were not memorable. The Fries were not tasty and I think there was about 15 of them.   The cole slaw looked like it was a week old.    And the fish was just OK.   Again, Frozen.    I expect to get frozen fish and chip in Kansas,  not Martha’s Vineyard.   From now on when I get fish and chips I’m asking first if it’s fresh or frozen.    I am Portugese.  I don’t think there isn’t a Portugese person on this earth who doesn’t eat fish and chips without dousing it in vinegar.   Well guess what, Mrs. Friendly never came back to check if we needed anything so this Portagee had to eat them without vinegar.   Sure, I could have

Frozen Fish and Chips

screamed across the restaurant to get her attention but I don’t think I should have to do that.  $13.99 for the fish and chips.

My opinion on the plane view,  go for breakfast.  I have had many a good breakfast’s here that I can remember.   Skip the lunch.   I was disappointed.   The food certainly is not expensive especially for Martha’s Vineyard but it definitely is very Plain.


4 thoughts on “Planeview lives up to it’s name. Very Plain.

  1. You ordered wrong! And who can complain when the meal cost 13.99???? Next time offer to take me and I’ll steer you the right way.

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