The Port Hunter Just Delivers

Port Hunter

This new joint opened up on Main Street in Edgartown.   Exactly what we needed in Edgartown.   I grabbed my pink pants and whale belt last night and gave it a try.    They advertise as Simple, Fresh, Local.   These seems to be the new “buzz” words on the island now.   Used to be 5 times more expensive if it was “organic“.  Now local is the key word.  I want good.  Don’t care if it’s local or not.  I don’t care if the corn was grown by some farmer on Chappy or in one East Tibet.   If it tastes good i’m happy.   The place is casual.  You don’t feel like you need to dress up, but if you are dressed that’s fine.   Love the space.   A lot of open space.  They have some type of shuffleboard game in the back corner.   The walls are all brick and have oversize burgee flags hanging down from the ceiling.  Nice Touch.

Fresh Katama and Wellfleet Oysters

We walked in and there were two very friendly, smiley hostesses working there.  They welcomed us and we went to the bar to scope the place out and look at the menu.   We grabbed a couple of drafts which were nice and cold.   One thing I hate is beer that isn’t ice-cold.   This beer was perfect temperature.   We decided to put our name in for a table.    Thirty minute wait.   Friday, labor day weekend, no reservations, new place, very reasonable wait time.   I strolled back to the bar and saw a Wachusett Blueberry Beer in the Cooler behind the bar in a can.   I asked the bartender about it and he told me they also have Watermelon Beer.   Just for the hell of it I went for the Watermelon Beer.  You are probably saying that sounds disgusting.  Well let’s just say I won’t get it again.   Ordered six Oysters while standing at the bar.  Three Katama and Three Wellfleet.  Fresh, juicy, delish, served with the correct condiments, great presentation.  Could have eaten 100 of em without having to think about it.

After the reasonable wait time, I think it was a little less than thirty minutes, the hostess came over and took us to our table.   If you forced me to say one bad thing about the place is that the seats we didn’t find that comfortable.  Especially for a big guy.  They are like directors chairs with sailcloth.  They look nice and I get it they want to boat look, but to me they just were not that comfortable.  Now onto the good stuff.

Fresh Fish and Chips

I got fish and chips.  Well, they call it Fluke and Chips.  Awesome.  The fish was perfectly cooked, flakey, fresh, and tasty.   There were plenty of fries. The fries were thick and seasoned nicely.  The picture truly does not do this dish justice.   The tartar sauce tasted home-made and was awesome.  The guy who brought the food immediately asked if we needed anything else and I asked for Ketchup.  Ooooopps sorry, forgot need vinegar too.   No problem, here you go sir.  Thank you very much.   There is this new thing now at restaurants that they serve Ketchup and other condiments in these tiny shot glass type thingys.  It wasn’t really enough but I made do.   Even after that the waiter came over to check on us.  Great service.  Made us feel welcome and appreciated but not over the top ass kissing that some of these places try to do.  $22 bucks.

Veggie Lasagna

A word on my girls dish:  Vegetable lasagna.   Now I know any guy reading this aint ordering no vegetable lasagna.  Guys need something of substance on their plate.  Meat, chicken, fish.  Vegetables are sides for guys.  However she loved the Veggie Lasagna.  I had a bite and it was very good.   Nice presentation.  She was pleasantly surprised that it had beats in it as well.

All in all, around 100 bucks plus tip.  Reasonable especially with the Oysters and my beer drinking habit.  Great dinner, great place.   The menu is very small.  Don’t expect a Beef Wellington or a suffle for dessert.   This isn’t a cheesecake factory where they throw every food known to man on the menu to try to appeal to every mom, dad, and six-year-old that walks in.  They did however, appeal to me and I will be sure to be back to try to encourage them to stay opened year round for us restaurant deprived islanders in the winter.


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