Smoke’n Bones – Not to be seen on BBQ Pitmasters anytime soon

One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep people away from the so-called “tourist traps” of the Island. I’m not going to call Smoke’n Bones a tourist trap because for the island the prices are actually reasonable but the food is below average. I really wish it was better because it would be cool to have a great BBQ place on the island. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Smoke “n” Bones and now I remember why. It’s kind of small and almost diner-like. It looks like one of those hole in walls that could be really good.

Smoke'n Bones

Smoke’n Bones

The place is on the corner of Dukes County Ave and Oakland Ave in Oak Bluffs. One good feature is it’s a little out-of-town so it does have parking. The building is pretty rough shape in need of fresh paint and plenty of updating. We went around 8 pm on a Sunday night and it was slow with only two other tables taken. We were greeted by a friendly and bubbly young waitress who seemed eager to serve us. Smoke’n Bones has an open kitchen which is good except when you have a couple of guys who look like they should be in The Kentucky Penitentiary working back there. The decor definitely needs a re-do with neon signs and statues of pigs everywhere.

So we order drinks and go to order food. I ordered the “pig pile” which was supposed to consist of chicken, ribs and either pulled pork or beef brisket. I got it with pork. My girl ordered the beef brisket. A bit later I heard the convicts tell the waitress there was no more chicken. The waitress came over and told me there was no more chicken. So I asked if I could substitute some asian wings for the chicken. She said yes but I could hear the guys in the back say nope. She came back and said sorry you can’t substitute. Can I pay extra ? Nope. She was very frazzled and apologetic and couldn’t understand the rule herself but said that’s what they said. So you don’t have the chicken and basically any combo platter has chicken so I can’t order any combo platter. Ok great, good start. If she wasn’t so nice about it I would have been out that door before they could change their mind. This is pretty much what I felt like saying :

"Asian" Ribs

“Asian” Ribs

Anyways I got the pulled pork and a side of the asian ribs. The portions were good. The asian ribs were OK. Not sure what about them was asian as there wasn’t much flavor to them. The pulled pork was very dry and to be edible I had to add lots of barbecue sauce. My girls beef brisket was also dry. You get a couple of sides and also cornbread with the meal. The cornbread was very good. The beans were OK and the corn on the cob was good. The main attractions of a BBQ/Rib place however, pulled pork and brisket were pretty lousy.

Smoke’n Bones is a kid friendly place with no dress code. They do take out which I think is accounts for a lot of their business. Maybe I caught them on a bad night, but It

Pulled Pork Platter

Pulled Pork Platter

will probably be a couple of years before I go back here again. They have been opened for a long time so they must be doing something right. It was around $75.00 including tip for dinner. Check your bills at these places when you go out to eat. This is the second time in a week I got over-charged for something. We got a slice of key lime pie to go and the waitress charged us the a whole pie. The other time was at the Black Dog my buddy and I got charged for an extra bowl of chowder. I’m not saying go over the bill with a fine tooth comb but there have been many times when I throw the card in the sleeve and don’t even look at the bill. Mistakes happen and these places are charging you enough without mistakenly adding extras on there.

Smoke’n Bones Website and Menu


3 thoughts on “Smoke’n Bones – Not to be seen on BBQ Pitmasters anytime soon

  1. Too bad. A good BBQ is really wonderful, a bad one is just bad I guess. Out here in Oregon, the food culture is filled with alternative lifestylers with tats everywhere and piercings and unusual hair, but they look hip and wouldn’t be confused with the guys just out of prison. We are not known for our BBQ around here, but we do have several places that do a good job both in the dry and wet rubs.

  2. Who is this My Girl you keep referring to in your blog. I have to agree about the restaurant I’ve had several meals there not great at all, we could use a real good BBQ joint here. The best I ever had was in Montreal the Bar B Barn. Keep eating……

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